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Cottaging Locations UK

Find the best locations for cruising and cottaging in the UK

Over recent years there seems to have been more media attention paid to gay cruising than ever before, much of this can no doubt be put down to the actions of a few well known celebrities and the occasional politician!

We want to create a complete list, by county of the best cruising and cottaging locations and gay dogging sites in the UK.

It is thought that cottaging and gay cruising evolved when it was still illegal to have gay sex. It gave gay men a discrete way to meet up with like minded guys with only one thing on the menu and in mind, the fact that most gay guys are quite promiscuous means that they have got cruising in general down to a fine art.

We've visited many sites around the UK, but as you can appreciate, as much as we'd love to visit them all we simply don't have the time.

And that's where we need your help!

Recent Cottaging Posts

Terry - Anyone out tonight in Yorks? I'm going to be at the Public Loo's in Riverside Gardens, Ilkley if you want to meet up!

Paul - A43 Northampton if anyones up for it, used to be quite busy, any one been recently.

Gary - Meet me at Hayle car park toilets? Usually quite a few younger guys there

If you know of a location that you think is worth visiting, please let us know by completing the short form below, give us as much information as you can we'll update the site to let everyone else that's interested know where they can go cruising in their local area!

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The email address you provide when submitting details of a cottaging or cruising location will not be used to mail shot you and is only required to deter spam.

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