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Just where can you go to sit back, chill out and relax in a gay friendly environment?

That's a question we get asked with increasing regularity, and as much as we'd love to be able to visit everyone ourselves we can't, so, we decided that the best way to go about finding out was to ask our members for their help in putting together a list of their favourite gay bars, gay clubs and gay friendly venues from all over the UK.

You can now search for gay clubs by county and read the reviews of these venues that have been written by our members by clicking below.

This section of the site is constantly evolving and needs your help! Whether it by you adding your review of one of the clubs or by letting us know about a new club that we don't yet have listed. Your input helps keep us updated with what's going on and allows us to tell everyone else.

You can let us know you're thoughts by completing the form found at the bottom of the clubs listing page with as much information as you can.

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