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Gay Pay Per View Movies

Gay PPV offers more flexibility than any other form of adult video viewing available today!

If you've ever found yourself thinking it would be nice to be able to watch maybe 10 or 20 minutes of porn but you don't want to go to the expense of buying a new DVD from the shops, you'll love adult gay pay per view.

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PPV streaming works in much the same way as any other streaming option, where by the video stays on our server and you simply choose when you want to watch it, but with pay per minute viewing, you don't have to watch or buy the entire film. Instead, you only pay for what you've actually watched giving you the ability to swap between as many videos as you like.

To take advantage of ppv movies, follow the simple steps below:

  • Create An Account - Simply enough, just follow the on screen prompts and enter the information when asked.
  • Add Some Credit - Select an amount of credit to add to your account, you can choose from various amounts that start at just $4 and go up to $50!
  • Find A Film - Like all the other options available, you still need to find a film you want to watch, do this by using any of the search options available to you on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Choose A Starting Place - When you're watching via PPV, you can choose to start at a number of pre selected places through out the film. These points have been chosen by our team who know what you want to be watching. Just click on the thumbnail screen capture that catches your eye and start watching

There's thousands of gay videos that you can watch by PPV, and that's probably why it's becoming so popular. You really do have the ultimate in flexible viewing and can simply choose where and when to start or stop watching.

Join the pay per view revolution and discover just what you've been missing today!

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